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Imran Series

Imran Series is Ibne Safi's second best-selling Urdu novels series. The first novel was Khaufnaak Imarat , was published in October 1955. Each book in the series used to be a complete novel, however, some stories spanned over two or more books.

Characters in Imran Series

Imran Series Novels by Ibne Safi are Free to Download

One of Ibn-e-Safi's distinguished writing qualitites include formation and development of characters. He has established characters in such a fashion that they appear to be real and materialized.
Imran Series has a range of diverse, colorful, and sentient characters. Some of the members of secret service include X2 (played by Ali Imran and Tahir aka BlackZero), Juliana Fitzwater, Safdar Saeed, Tanveer Ashraf , Khawar, Choohan, Nomani , Siddeequi, etc. Imran's family include Karam-Rahman (also mentioned as Abdul Rahman in initial books), Amma Bi, and Surayya. Imran's escorts include Joseph Mugunda, Sulaiman, and his wife Gul-Rukh.

Ali Imran/X-2

The main character of Imran Series is Ali Imran. A bright and young Oxford graduate holding both M.Sc. and D.Sc. degrees in chemistry, he is apparently a moron, with his foolish and hilarious gestures and conversations.first abne safe write on imran then Mazhar Kleem write on imran and writing since now . Ibn-e-Safi later emphasized in many books that his foolishness is sometimes completely without any fabrication, and despite his stunningly handsome features, he appears naturally as a complete idiot. However, due to a twisted childhood, Imran has developed a dual personality and his comical and foolish exterior only serves to hide his more cunning and ruthless (and very secret) personality as the chief of the Secret Service, X-2. As X-2, he is a sign of fear for his subordinates, while as Ali Imran, he is almost always made fun of by them. Other personalities that Imran assumes from time to time are the Prince of Dhump and Rana Tahavvar Ali Sandooqui.


Mr. Sir Abdul-Rehman

Imran's father, and the director general of Intelligence Bureau. A stern personality and a strict dictator, he is somewhat responsible for Imran's paradoxical personality. Initially wanting Imran to become a professor at a local university, he was very upset when Imran was appointed as a special officer in his own department. Later, he cancelled Imran's license by dismissing his roguery strategies that he employed for catching a smuggler (Bhayanak Aadmi). Highly annoyed by Imran and his actions, he then ordered him to leave the house.Rahman Sahib (Karram Rahman) is the Director General of the Central Intelligence Bureau, and a very strict person both at home and in the office. Although Imran solves a very mysterious case in Bhayanak Aadmi, he does not like the way Imran handles the situation; so he fires Imran and also asks him to leave the family house. Underneath his tough exterior, he loves Imran and is internally pleased with his successes. However, his stubbornness does not allow him to reveal his sentiments.



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